Now Announcing….!!

I have been pretty absent from blogging over the past couple months…the main reason is I just moved 600 miles away from the place I had called home all my life. The other reason is I’ve just been very busy and wrapped up with other things. It doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about blogging…I have! But for whatever reason, I haven’t.

But now I break my silence to announce something very exciting! Very mystical! Very entertaining! Very etc! I would like to announce that, coming this summer, I’ll be releasing my debut novel on the Amazon Kindle! This novel is called Plethora. Would you like to know what it’s about?

Action and adventure springs out at every turn! Romance floats in the air like a mist! Mystery creeps in the shadows! Humor laughs from the treetops! Race cars zoom around the corner! A spectral opera singer croons from the rooftop! A witch rides her broom over the horizon! Swords are thrust! Arrows are hurled! Bombs are exploding! There is no limit to what you may find in the world of Plethora.

Matt and Laura, two best friends from dysfunctional families, seek an escape from reality through their high school prom. They get more than they bargained for when they escape farther away than either of them could have ever imagined—all the way to the whimsical land of Plethora! Forced to enter this strange world as a prince and princess, they must ride swiftly to rescue the King, trapped in Tol Mountain, cut off by a dragon, and surrounded on all sides by dubious enemies led by the menacing wizard, Legatus.

Now before you yawn off and think that this is a typical plot for a fantasy novel, hold your breath a minute more!

While the main adventure lies in Matt and Laura’s perilous journey across the dangerous land of Plethora, the pair also must confront their own hearts. Matt is enticed by this world and revels in the chance to be the hero who saves the day. But Laura feels insecure and suddenly the discomforts of her real home seem friendlier than the danger at hand. As the two struggle with who they really are, they must work as a team to stay alive and also figure out if something more than friendship is beginning to bloom between them.

There. Now you can yawn off. If you are able.


Stay tuned here for an official release date and other dandy information coming down the pipelines soon!


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