A Farewell to Bluegrass

Well, it’s time to get back to this blogging business (though I can’t really say it’s a business since I’m not making any money off of it…). Sorry it’s been so long. The past month has been super busy with a major change in my life: I moved to Kansas City, MO. Yep, I’ve left the rolling hills and home of Kentucky and went west like all good legends. But don’t think that I left KY gleefully. It wasn’t an easy parting…here’s a poem to prove it:

A Farewell to Bluegrass

Dear Kentucky, land of my life and birth,
In your soil I was planted, you know all my days,
My roots dug deep and loved your rugged ways,
But now I tear myself from your earth.

Don’t you worry! How can I ever forget?
Your tall hills jagged with protruding stone,
Your peaceful woods, where one can walk alone.
Your charm makes sweet partings feel like regret.

I thought I knew you and knew your heart,
With winding rivers and deep-diving caves,
All those trees swaying like green waves,
But what secret have you that makes it hard to part?

Still out of your borders I must pass,
To find my fortunes and love in the far West.
From the hills to the plains I put my skills to test,
But let these lines be a fitting farewell to Bluegrass.

Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think!


One thought on “A Farewell to Bluegrass

  1. Hey, most businesses usually don’t make that much money the first year. I concur, Kentucky was aesthetically pleasing state from what I remember when I was living there for my colleges year. I would not mind moving back there either. I definitely can still remember the rolling hills, unfortunately I don’t remember much of the mountains. I grew up in the West so when I thinking about mountains I think about jagged –Rocky Mountains with snow covered peeks all year long. I do wish I had gone to see the mammoth caves though.

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