Winter Love (Revisited)

I was just on facebook and saw hundreds (almost literally) of photos involving cute couples doing cute things together in the snow and glow of the Christmas season. Long ago (almost 4 years to be exact) I put forth this theory of “winter love.” It’s been modified a little bit down through the months, and reposted several times before this, and now I present it to you again, all 2 of you, to see what you think….let the theorizing begin..
Permit me to philosophically muse for a moment here and put forth a theory I’ve been developing lately. Recently I’ve felt that winter is the best time to fall in love with someone and begin a relationship. Why? Think about it. It’s colder. We want to get closer to each other and feel warmth,like holding someone’s hand as opposed to sticking yours into your pocket(as opposed to someone else’s). Next,the trees shed their leaves completely…they’re so barren..we feel that barreness in our hearts. It makes us feel alone and we long for human companionship. On top of this,note the romantic holidays and practices associated with this season…

Thanksgiving. A time for rest and families…okay not so romantic..unless you’re showing your family your new boy/girl friend! Then Christmas. Giving presents to people you care about. Romantic conotations are written all over that! And what about the mistletoe? “Kiss me if we happen to meet under this twig” was obviously established by a couple in love around the holidays. Now New Years. What happens when the ball drops and the clock strikes midnight?What are you supposed to do? Kiss someone close to you…as long as you know and love them..(I want to be clear here that I’ve never actually kissed anyone at midnight on new years except my mom and sister[not on the lips]…but immediate family doesn’t count).

Then in February you have Valentine’s Day. Originally that holiday was all about bunnies. But Cupid’s really a jerk and he booted them to Easter. So now the day is dedicated to showing that special someone how special you think they are. We could even dare stretch it to St. Patrick’s Day. Other than annoyingly pinching people who forget to wear green, what do we say? “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” Key word there is “kiss.” And need I mention walks in the woods, ice skating, looking at Christmas lights, snowball fights, building snowmen, climbing trees, and warming up by the fire with some hot chocolate and peppy background music? No, I don’t need to mention those…but I did anyway.

So I think my case for falling in love during winter is pretty solid from a certain point of view. Maybe it’s just me. I know what you’re thinking, “Are you hinting at something here?” Nope,I’m just putting forth a crazy hypothesis. To a point I’m joking,to a point I’m not. The practical outcome? Well,understand,that going through loneliness at this time of the year is probably natural thanks to the holidays and all the activities those entail. You’re not alone….so you know,start a club or something…but be sure you invite me.

2 thoughts on “Winter Love (Revisited)

  1. Hey John,

    Not entirely certain you seriously expected a response theory, but I figured why not. This post is quite funny and very relatable. Holidays are definitely harder for those who don’t have that “special someone.” I have to say though, better (though not easier) to be alone during the hyperactive cute love seasons. All that cute holiday “magic” as they call it is really only as worthwhile as the person it’s being spent with.

    Excellent observation though, the months of December (sometimes November) through Marchish have been taken captive by Hallmark sentimentalists. The Winter holidays are good about reminding people that they should be in love, but I figure it’s better left to those who were in love in the off seasons.

  2. ha good counter-theory! I see what you mean and I’d agree. You don’t want to get caught up in the magic and not have anything substantial to stand on when the magic’s gone. thanks for sharing!

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