Twelve Months–Part 10

Sorry I haven’t been very consistent with the blogging lately…or this year for that matter…or for ever…but at least lately things have been busy and exciting, and I don’t consider blogging a very important thing compared to living life and slipping off precipices..long story..but I didn’t actually slip off a precipice, I slipped on a precipice..which coulda been off the precipice had I continued slipping and not stopped myself..anyways…

Well the Twelve Months series is almost through since the year itself is almost through. As it gets colder outside and the holiday season looms on the horizon, let this month’s poem put you in a properly thankful spirit…or something like that. I’ll post the link to last month’s poem which also has the links to the previous poems in the series. I recommend re-reading those to review the themes and whatnot running throughout. Enjoy!

November-quite somber:
As cold winds sweep across the lands,
Still you call us to your table to feast
And order thanksgiving from greatest to least,
As we bow our heads and fold our hands.

What paradox! While surrounded by barren trees,
Still we turn our eyes upward to offer God thanks!
The warmth of the season, how highly it ranks;
Though all around a cold wasteland one sees.
Though the 12 months turn bleak, we find a wise friend…


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