Twelve Months–Part 9

It’s a new month at last so that means another installment of the TWELVE MONTHS POETRY SERIES!!! sorry.

It’s hard to believe there are only 2 more months after this. Actually it’s easy to believe, it’s just hard to grasp. Still I hope you enjoy my effort for October. This is probably my favorite month so I tried to give the poem some extra love. Let me know what you think! As usual, here are the links to the previous months’ poems:

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October- be sober!
You’re too carried away in autumnal mirth!
Scaring children with delightful glee,
And plucking pumpkins from the earth.
I admit, it’s having an affect on me!

Your leaf-covered roads and gray cloudy skies
Bring alive my senses and quicken my heart.
So in Death God brings Life without compromise;
Another fine showing of His wonderful art.
Near the 12 months’ end, a second wind releases…


I hope to make some other blog posts this month…I promise! As in I promise to hope. We’ll see how the month goes…I might be too carried away in autumnal mirth..


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