Twelve Months–Part 7

I haven’t been blogging much lately not because I don’t have any ideas but because I don’t have any time. Lame excuse, I know. But I am planning on coming back with a couple new posts soon that are sure to be controversial and generate 0 comments just like all my other posts. So anyways, here’s this month’s poem as part of the on-going “12 Months” poetry series. You can catch up on the previous months’ posts here:

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August-die she must.
The autumn winds blow chilly and cold,
After the breath of heat grows too old.
On the inside we silently cry,
Fearing that brighter days have gone by.

The dog days begin as the sun starts setting;
Children loathe when school must restart.
They go about ceaselessly fretting;
Academia weighs heavy on the heart.

How soon we forget God’s great mercy,
When we feel good days will never be!
Though, once again, the hour grows dark,
By grace we find warmth with a mere spark.
While the 12 months begin to shut their door.


5 thoughts on “Twelve Months–Part 7

  1. Is the first stanza of your poem describing the current weather in Kentucky? In Nevada, August is the usually the hottest month during the year not the coolest. We usually call it “hot August nights”. I guess it cools down in the east during this month.

    1. actually, it’s been pretty hot out here too. The line about the autumn winds is taken from a Simon & Garfunkel song called “April Come She Will,” which was an inspiration to do this 12 months series.

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