The Framed Hall

In addition to blogging, playing music, and writing poetry, I also write stories…fiction stories…that are often stupid. Here’s a recent mystery┬áI wrote. I might try putting up a page for this, but we’ll see how that works out. For now, enjoy this! The Framed Hall Story by J.R. Underdown An air of excitement hung over […]

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There’s Something on your Nose

A couple weeks ago, Chick-fil-a became the center of a debate about gay marriage. Some comments were made by the restaurant chain’s CEO and then blown out of proportion by…well, everyone else. But especially the mayor of Boston. I read a press release statement from the mayor in which he prides himself of being very […]

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Twelve Months–Part 7

I haven’t been blogging much lately not because I don’t have any ideas but because I don’t have any time. Lame excuse, I know. But I am planning on coming back with a couple new posts soon that are sure to be controversial and generate 0 comments just like all my other posts. So anyways, […]

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