Lost in Life

I had hit this moment when I was cruising along pretty well in my spiritual walk with God. No major problems, everything was going good. Then a situation arose that made me a tad bit emotionally distraught. Before I knew it, I had basically put God on the backburner and started rushing through everything without a thought as to what it mattered in relation to God.

And this is the thing I find: every now and then, life gets the best of me. Some times I can stay on the ball and keep God front and center, and then sometimes I completely fly off and get lost in life. In such a fast-paced world, it’s easy to do. But what is there to do about it? I think it hinges on where your thoughts go. A problem arises, what’s your first thought? When my dad came down with cancer, my first thought was, thankfully, to trust in God’s sovereignty. When that situation I mentioned above came up, my first thought was to freak out.

So I find another argument for continual meditation on who God is. Reading passages like Revelation 4 or Isaiah 6 are helpful. This definately takes some work, but I believe it’s discipline worth enduring. After all, I’d rather have peace and be at calm than be lost in life.


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