Lost in Life

I had hit this moment when I was cruising along pretty well in my spiritual walk with God. No major┬áproblems, everything was going good. Then a situation arose that made me a tad bit emotionally distraught. Before I knew it, I had basically put God on the backburner and started rushing through everything without a […]

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Twelve Months–Part 5

Allrighty,time to get back into the swing of things here! Recap: I’m working on a poem series that has a specific poem for each month. This is “part 5”, even though it’s the 6th month, because I didn’t start these posts until February. Part 1 has the poems for January and February on it. As […]

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Kickstarter Plug

I’ll continue the “Twelve Months” series in the next post–and get back to blogging in general–but first I want to bring to your attention a great band that needs your help! They are Seabird-a piano pop/rock group from my area that’s released a couple of albums nationally and had songs featured on various TV shows. […]

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