Twelve Months–Part 4

Sorry I’ve been so slow in updating this. Life has been busy enough to keep me from spending time on important things like blogging to all 2 of my subscribers. But I have returned!…for now! And now we shall continue our poetical trek through the months. I’ll put the links to the other parts so that you can review them and then type in the next section.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

May-she will stay;
Resting in my arms again
Like a lover and a friend.
Stay, and rest easy, my dear,
For I know you bring me cheer.

The warmth of summer starts to gleam
Upon my brow as I near high noon.
I hope for happier days in my dream;
Oh that couldn’t come too soon!

Across the beach, through the sand,
I grab a-hold of your hand.
Long may this hour of bliss be;
Oh! How it refreshes me!
Twelve months are redeemed at summer’s rise.

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