Twelve Months–Part 2

Since it’s March, it’s time to post March’s poem! (yaayyyy…) If you’re confused as to what’s going on, please see the last post. In fact, I would recommend looking the last post up before reading this one, since there is a progression being played out in the poem. So go check it out now! I’ll wait…..

Done waiting. Here’s the poem:

March-I am parched;
For a water that cools and doesn’t numb,
For air that refreshes and doesn’t chill,
For sunbeams that don’t make the heart dumb,
For green grass growing upon the hill.

I remember a time when you made me glad,
Childhood mirth lost in enraptured joy.
Your bow was majestic and never sad,
As you always gave me some pretty new toy.
I thought the 12 months culminated in you…


As before, you comments/suggestions/critiques are greatly appreciated.


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