Twelve Months–Part 1

In January I was at a used book sale (right after which i got pulled over….) and found this old book featuring the complete works of Edmund Spenser. I remembered reading some of his poetry in high school but other than that had no idea what he was famous for (The Fairie Queen). Still, it was only something like 50 cents, so I plunked down the change and got the book. The opening poems are a series based on the months. Each month has its own storyline and theme, but each builds on the other. I’ve yet to finish the series, but it has inspired me to try something like it.

So here are the first two months of my series. Each month from here on out I’ll hopefully post that month’s section of the poem…so stay tuned! And comment please. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on these.

January–quite contrary:
We ring you in with scintillating hope,
But cold winds slow any momentum we gain,
Chilled to the bone under Death’s hand and pain.
Who can ascend your snowy slope?

Our human lights fail to shine e’en a little
In your dark valley of tundra and ice.
Feeble our movements, great is your vice!
Our steps grow slow, our joints turn brittle.
Should 12 months pass in such darkness and gloom?

February–like a fairy!
You flit in with promise of warmer love.
The paradox lies in the cold that still tarries,
How unforunate the hearts your avalanche buries.
Yet cannot hope still fly from above?

And Love is the thing–the Person, the Promise!–
That lets us raise our heads to the chilling wind.
Though bleak is the hour, though sharp is the bend,
A sunrise will eventually break this darkness.
And a hope for 12 months begins to bloom…


9 thoughts on “Twelve Months–Part 1

  1. Your poetry is very beautiful! You should think about compiling your poetry and getting a graphic designer do the rest if your are too afraid of drawing the pictures your self. I feel that you are concentrating about the weather and not current events… and focusing on l seasonal events. I can’t wait to read about September! I am celebrating my birthday that month. I hope it is a good poem.

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