Twelve Months–Part 1

In January I was at a used book sale (right after which i got pulled over….) and found this old book featuring the complete works of Edmund┬áSpenser. I remembered reading some of his poetry in high school but other than that had no idea what he was famous for (The Fairie Queen). Still, it was […]

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Knowing the Future

There’s an obsession among Christians to know the future in a detailed way. They believe they can look at numbers and clues in Scripture and figure exactly how the end will come. They only thing they don’t know is when the end will come (unless they side with Harold Camping, *cough cough*). This study of […]

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Just A Reminder….

In between more serious posts, let me just remind all 3 of my readers that you can find a song I’ve written on the awesome website Noise Trade…for free. So if you haven’t checked it out and downloaded it and told all your friends–and especially all your enemies–you should go do so now…here’s the link: […]

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