Reflections on 2’11–Just Let Me Throw A Barrel At It!

Time to reflect on the previous year…..where to begin? To a point I really don’t feel like reflecting on it. It wouldn’t be much of an overexaggeration to say that not that much happened. Oh sure, I graduated with an A.A. from Boyce College and finally left the confines of Wendy’s and moved out of my mom’s house and gained some weight. But they’re small things compared to the struggle this year has been. Yes, God has remained my Constant through a plethora of changes, but I didn’t get a book published, I’m not in a band. Maybe I’ve started my life, but who can say at this point? I think for my Reflections post this year I’ll review some of the best blog posts from ‘011. I’ll pick one from each month:

This is a post that technically isn’t closed. I’m sure there’s much more to be said, and probably much more that I could add or clarify.

Strangely, I liked all the posts from Feb, but this one is the most important, I think. Death and grief was the challenge of this year, and this poem expresses that.

March was a weak month, post-wise, but this song perfectly expresses alot of the frustration I felt then and now.

The majority of comfort that I found this year came from the Bible and I think this post best expresses that.

Do you remember where you were at when the world was supposed to end? I was at a wedding reception…

As I studied Ecclesiastes this summer, I was challenged greatly in my view on life. Here’s a post about that turning point.

This was another good posts month, but I’ll repost this one because my friend is still doing this awesome fundraiser, and you should totally be awesome and support her!

Ah, autumn and growing up! A good combination…for a blog post..

This was easy to pick since it was the only post that month. Still a good one to read…

Okay, at least this year I did release a free EP on the internet…which is still available…which means you should download it RIGHT NOW SO I CAN STOP USING ALL CAPS!!

This was a tough tie between my Occupy Wall Street post and this one. My leaving of Wendy’s was a little closer to home, so I’ll go with that.

December: This is the only post this month…so I guess that makes it the best. I moved and got wrapped up in work. Not that you missed me that much…

Looking back I think it’s safe to say that 2012 can easily beat 2011 in being the better year. But I don’t want to be cocky. Luke Skywalker was and it almost fried him…but that’s beside the point. The real point is that I can move into yet another year and hope to see a published book, a budding music career, and maybe even the firstlight of love. But if the rest of my life has shown me anything, it’s that patience is the theme for me and if I must wait another year for these things, then I must wait. God’s purpose doesn’t always make sense but I can trust Him…

So bring on 2012!


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