Christmas Came Early

It was early October and I was perusing the local dollar store. To my surprise all of the Halloween stuff was being taken down and up were going Christmas decorations. I guess it’s just a matter of years before we’ll be getting hints of Christmas in September and August. Why is it such a big deal? Who cares?

If it were for religious reasons, I could see it. But it’s for purely economic reasons. The retailers and malls don’t care about what a holiday stands for, they care about the sales they can make on any one event. And Christmas is the holiday of holidays. It’s the time of year when their biggest numbers roll in and so they keep pushing the season earlier and earlier. So Christmas comes early because we’re obsessed with consumerism.

But I think there’s another reason. Everyone loves the holiday season whether they celebrate Christmas or not. This time of year has a certain nostalgia to it and we love nostalgia. Every year we come face to face with bad news: wars, death, disease, heartache, etc. Christmas is the escape for some people, it’s the mask that we throw on to hide away from the bad times that make us cower in fear.

But, really, it’s not like there is anything I can do about it. But I can tell you this, don’t rush time; it’s already going by at a fast rate. Instead, face every season. There will be a ton of bad ones, but that makes all the good ones shine brighter. So don’t scarf down your Thanksgiving turkey too quickly. Pause and reflect and let the seasons run their course.


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