America Is A Factory

About a month ago, I took a road trip (alone) cross country to Missouri…i did video blog things while traveling and when I get em all loaded up, I’ll post em. But that’s not the point. The point is that as i was traveling I knew that I would be starting a new job soon at a factory. I wasn’t looking forward to this and it didn’t help that as I crossed over the boring fields of Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri I would frequently catch sight of…corn…but I also saw a lot of factories and warehouses. It struck me that it’s probably the easiest type of job to get and probably a good portion of America’s workforce is locked there (fast food joints are probably a close 2nd).

I began thinking that America is turning into a giant factory. As the waters of industry sweep us away into the whirlpool of technological achievements, the need for factories and warehouses grows. What’s the problem with this? None really. It’s just the way that it goes. But it’s a sad way. It’s sad that i spend my nights now picking up bundles of mail off a conveyer belt during 3rd shift and spend my days sleeping away weariness (which curiously still remains even after I wake). It’s sad that this world ain’t as beautiful anymore. I know work is necessary, I just hope I don’t spend the rest of my life locked in a factory just to survive while I never take the time to enjoy this life that God has given me in the meantime.

To play off a poem concept made famous by Walt Whitman, “I hear America singing…and it sounds out of tune.”


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