A Final Ode to Wendy’s

I have something happy to report: I quit Wendy’s. Please, please, hold your applause until I finish this post. During my time at Wendy’s, several songs came up that could describe my time there and my feelings regarding leaving a place that kept me employed for 4 years. Some of the songs I’ll post youtube vid links to. Others I’ll just quote the appropriate lines.

1) Lifehouse–“Halfway Gone”
This song describes most of my time at Wendy’s. I was caught in this type of mentality where I really wanted to leave but so long as Wendy’s provided some support, or the only support i could find, I would stay. Here’s the youtube link:


2) Simon & Garfunkel–“The Boxer”
For all the harsh, mean  things I could say about Wendy’s, I can wholeheartedly agree with the line in this song that says, “I do declare, there were times when I was so lonesome I took some comfort there.”

3) Seabird–“Let Me Go On”
Another song that perfectly voiced my sentiment at Wendy’s. I always felt held back and just wanted to “go on.” Here’s the link:


4) Seabird–“Cottonmouth (Jargon)”
Now to some songs that express how I feel about leaving. Seabird comes up again with this wonderful tune. A particular line goes, “We hate to see you go, but now it’s time to let you know that shouting never wins and losing you never felt so good. And so it should…yeah,we knew it would..the stars in the sky are about to make us liars.” I’ll post the link anyway since it’s just that awesome of a song:


5) Grammatrain– Imperium album
The whole album (which I’ve been meaning to write a review about) addresses throwing off an oppressive authority and the freedom that comes from that. (That’s a simplified summary, but I think that sums it up well) It’s not that I feel Wendy’s was an oppressive authority…to a point…but I can definately relate to the frustration and relief in songs like “Damaged”, “With My Hands”,and “All.” Here’s a link to buy that album:


6) “Weird Al” Yankovic–“One More Minute”
This quirky break-up song holds a line or 2 that perfectly captures how I would feel about returning to Wendy’s: “I’d rather rip my heart right out of my rib cage with my bare hands and then throw it on the floor and stomp on it till I die…than spend one more minute with you…”

I think these will suffice for now. As I said in my 2-week’s notice letter: “I am not totally ungrateful; just forgive me if I seem a little over excited.”

Now you may applaud and cheer.

INTERACTION! what are some songs that describe your work experience or leaving a previous employer? Let me know in the comments.






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