Christmas Came Early

It was early October and I was perusing the local dollar store. To my surprise all of the Halloween stuff was being taken down and up were going Christmas decorations. I guess it’s just a matter of years before we’ll be getting hints of Christmas in September and August. Why is it such a big […]

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America Is A Factory

About a month ago, I took a road trip (alone) cross country to Missouri…i did video blog things while traveling and when I get em all loaded up, I’ll post em. But that’s not the point. The point is that as i was traveling I knew that I would be starting a new job soon […]

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A Final Ode to Wendy’s

I have something happy to report: I quit Wendy’s. Please, please, hold your applause until I finish this post. During my time at Wendy’s, several songs came up that could describe my time there and my feelings regarding leaving a place that kept me employed for 4 years. Some of the songs I’ll post youtube […]

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Occupy Wall Street Meets God

I recently started a new job at a printing factory. I usually arrive early and┬áspend some of┬áthe time reading a passage of the Bible and then think about it before going inside to work. Since I’m usually pressed for time and somewhat distracted, I figured I’d focus on one passage a week and hope to […]

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