how about this? for once I’m giving something away! Yessir! Free Music! Music I’ve written, no less. So click the link below, download the EP for free and spread the word…you have absolutely nothing to lose… Do it!   Advertisements

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When I made the previous post, I intended making this one a couple days later…well life took a sudden turn for the busy and I have been delayed in doing the follow-up. In many ways my active mind has moved on from this thought and there are other things I feel like I should post, […]

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Now and Then

For about a month now I’ve been slowly diving through the small letter/sermon of 1 John. Last week I was in 1 John 2:28-3:9. I learned a couple of things from that small passage…one of which I will share in this post and the second in my next post (so stay tuned!). If you read […]

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