The Fall I’ve Always Wanted

I remember a time when I was still in elementary was fresh into fall when I stepped outside. I had probably finished watching Beetle Borgs before coming out to play. I used to love the autumn time because of Halloween. Yes, I was a Halloweener. I liked dressing up and seeing all the “monsters” but I also enjoyed the candy. But this is beside the point…the real point is that for some reason I remember this particular day for a thought that crossed my mind. I remember thinking something along the lines, “I can’t wait till I can enjoy a fall without going to school.” I know, freakishly forsightish, right?

Anyways, all those years spun along and every fall I was trapped in the confines of a school building to learn about stuff. All I wanted was to be able to escape it and enjoy an autumn without the hassle of going “back to school.” Well, with graduation this past May, I can finally have all that. Of course, now I’m not much of a Halloweener…and I also find that part of the nostalgic feeling I have in conjunction with the season is returning to the classroom…

So the point of this post is not to be all depressed. I’m just noting another irony in my life and figured at least 2 of you should know about it. I hate how irony fills all my life. I want what I can’t have yet and when I finally get it, I find it’s not as fulfilling as I had hoped because I had over-expected it. In a sense, this post is related to the last post, just in a different field. I find it amazing what random things, even things I consider “evil”, add purpose to parts of life that I enjoy. I suppose the spiritual lesson is that God allows good and “bad” to mingle in our lives to add to our enjoyment. We don’t realize what “bad” things add to our love of life until it’s removed.

At any rate, here’s to the fall I’ve always wanted! And here’s to creating a new nostalgia!


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