The Dark Knight Hides

Lately, all the rumor roar is about the upcoming Dark Knight Rises movie that’s set to come out…next year. Photos of sets, actors, and scenes are leaking onto to the internet little by little and everyone is speculating about the plot. Admittedly, as something of a Batman junkie (he was my favorite hero growing up) I’m eating this all up. But then I realized: this is stupid.

It’s not the movie that’s stupid. On the contrary, I’m pretty excited about the movie. But all this rumor mill stuff is dumb. Why? Because if i intake it all, I’ll probably be disappointed about the movie. I know this from experience. Last year, as Toy Story 3 came nigh to release, I ate up all the trailers, behind-the-scenes featurettes, reviews, previews, and press releases. Thus when I saw the movie in theaters…i already knew most of the movie, including the ending. I felt very foolish and most of my friends thought so too.

So I actually want to enjoy the Dark Knight Rises and so I will quit scouring rumor sites and youtube videos (I don’t need to be wasting my time on ’em anyway). Yes, I hate surprises and I hate waiting. But I’d rather take in a good movie unspoiled, than take in a movie that I already know everything about.

(for those wondering if there was anything serious about this post…there was not. File this under “NERD”)


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