The Fall I’ve Always Wanted

I remember a time when I was still in elementary was fresh into fall when I stepped outside. I had probably finished watching Beetle Borgs before coming out to play. I used to love the autumn time because of Halloween. Yes, I was a Halloweener. I liked dressing up and seeing all the “monsters” […]

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The Dark Knight Hides

Lately, all the rumor roar is about the upcoming Dark Knight Rises movie that’s set to come out…next year. Photos of sets, actors, and scenes are leaking onto to the internet little by little and everyone is speculating about the plot. Admittedly, as something of a Batman junkie (he was my favorite hero growing up) […]

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World in a Whirl

“What was it I was dreaming for? To beat the beast and win the girl? Here I am caught in my war, Falling down with my world in a whirl.” Sometimes I look up from what I’m doing, gaze around and wonder if what I’m fighting for is worth it. To question motives and directions […]

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Closed Borders

Like many, I was sad to hear that the national book-store chain Borders was going out of business due to bankruptcy. Not that I visit Borders often…I used to. In fact, every book I bought used to come from Borders. One Christmas, i did all my shopping at the local Borders (’cause I’m that creative). […]

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