Something Awesome!

Last weekend I went to Border’s to take advantage of all the looting that’s going on there due to their bankruptcy (more on that in my next post). I picked up 2 books, one of which was St. Francis of Assisi by G.K. Chesterton. In the first few chapters that actually talk about the saint, Chesterton recounts the military dreams that Francis had aspired to and how they were ultimately crushed. According to Chesterton, Francis (or Frank, as we would call him) fell into this period of “aimless wandering” where he couldn’t quite figure out what to do with himself.

Before I read about this, however, I read about a friend of mine who posted a rather big dream on her blog. It was inspiring to read and I would encourage you to check out her blog. What struck me about it was how she was taking a big leap…a big leap toward doing something…awesome.

In many ways, my life lately has been like St Francis of Assisi…or that kid on the tricycle in The Incredibles. Remember him? He’s sitting around watching the Incredibles’ house hoping to see “something awesome.” I feel like I’m in an “aimless wandering” period of life, sitting around and watching and waiting to see “something awesome.” I’m like a player sidelined on the bench just itching to get in the game and do his part.

St Frank eventually broke out of his period of aimless wandering when he hugged a leper and decided to rebuild a church. Maybe I need a leper or a dilapidated church. Or maybe I just need patience. Seeing Kristin’s goal set me on a search to figure out that “something awesome” I could do for God…not sure if i know quite what quite yet…but there are ideas brewing. And I believe with some more prayer the answer will come shortly.

“What if I told you we were so far away? What if I told you, would you go with me anyway?”-house of heroes

2200 Miles – The Chronicles of Kristin



5 thoughts on “Something Awesome!

  1. I think we all have seasons of that aimless wandering. I know I’ve had several, usually due to being so busy with school or work or whatever the distraction-of-the-moment is. Keep praying about this sort of thing and I have no doubt He’ll show you what you should do. 🙂 Thanks for sharing my blog and project on here. I’m glad to have friends like you supporting it/me! 🙂

    1. thanks Kristin! by the way, the button i took from your site isn’t working. I probably put it up wrong but i thought you could just copy and paste the address to the page and it’d appear…no luck for me though..

      1. You have to switch from visual mode to HTML mode first. Then copy it in, save the post and switch back to visual mode. Should work after that.

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