This past week I participated in a VBS (Vacation Bible School) at a local church. Doing so reminded me about a few things regarding VBS, children’s ministry, and my own life in general…I will quickly point these out to those interested:

  • VBS music is terrible. It just is. Occasionally there’s a good song in there that was actually written by a real songwriter for the sake of the church, but other than that it’s terrible. I hated it when I was a student in VBS and I hate it still whenever I’m a leader at VBS.
  • Do we have to do the pledge of allegiance? I understand the pledge to the American flag. We’re in America. Let’s show the kids not familiar with church that we Christians aren’t rednecks trying to take over the country in the name of Jesus. But should we be forcing unsaved kids to pledge allegiance to the Christian flag and the Bible? Are we forcing them to lie?
  • Is VBS still effective today? I volunteered to work this for the sake of the church,but personally had reservations about doing it. It just seems old, tired,and not worth the time. But this week I’ve seen that, well, maybe the method still has some life in it.
  • Children’s ministry requires a different teaching method. I learned this as I taught the Bible lesson each day the past week. At first I approached it as if I was talking to teens or adults who knew something of big words, the Bible, and life in general. I quickly had to change that approach to being less wordy and carve out more time for explaining certain words or Bible themes. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing…
  • Is children’s ministry my niche? Ever since I first led a VBS crew around I realized something: Children’s ministry is not for me. I was painfully reminded of that this past week. Understand, I loved the kids I was working with (except for the rambunctious ones) but for some reason I just can’t relate on their level in a meaningful way. Yet, I realize that if I want to someday be a father, shouldn’t I be willing to do children’s ministry…and a lot of it?Shouldn’t every parent and wanna-be parent be an avid supporter and participant in children’s ministry? Maybe I should rethink my personal preference…

OK, I’m sure there are other things to add to this, but they’ve temporarily fled my mind and this list should be enough to start discussion…so what do you think? Is VBS still effective? Should every parent be willing and able to help in kids’ ministry? Is VBS music really that terrible? (I know everyone agrees with me on this point) Discuss and enjoy.


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