Dare to Be Stupid

Last night I saw one of the best concerts of my life…now, granted, I’m not an avid concert goer, so it wasn’t hard to top what I’ve seen, but I’d dare say it was one of the best concerts I’ll ever see: “Weird Al” Yankovic.

That man’s concert was a work of genius. A flawless seam of music, movie clips, and costumes. For instance, he opened with what I’m guessing is his new polka medley off his upcoming album (Alpocalypse, for those interested) and then went into “Frank’s 2000” TV” and “You Don’t Love Me Anymore”. Then he and most of the band exited the stage while clips from movies, pop culture, and fake interviews he’s done with famous artists played on a big screen. After 3 or so minutes of that, the band returned, most dressed to mimic Nirvana for Yankovic’s famous “Smells Like Nirvana” parody. And this is how the rest of the night went. A couple songs would be played, quick break, and Al was back in some get-up. He kept things fresh and entertaining, and if you were about to get bored something would happen that would wrap you back into the experience.

So why am I, who usually blogs about serious things, posting this on my blog? Well, while I want to be a writer, my primary passion lies in music (well, theology, but music as an expression). Seeing how Weird Al performed (this way) opened my eyes to being an entertaining band on stage. Yes, for me the message comes first, but if it’s a concert you gotta entertain them. And how do you do that? I was surprised to see that you can, in fact, be creative with a concert performance. I’m so used to rigid choral and praise team performances where if you move an inch you fail the class or get thrown out of the church. But a real concert can go beyond those rigid fences and, to quote Weird Al, dare to be stupid.

So if you ever plan on going into music performance, I would highly recommend seeing Weird Al live. It’s worth the money.

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