Weather & Irony

I don’t get why people complain about the weather. Why, late last summer we were sitting dead in the water, besieged by draught and rediculously hot temperatures. Everyone complained about it till they were sick.

Then came winter and with it a bitter cold. Now everyone complained that it was too cold. Spring rolls around and SURPRISE here comes buckets of rain. And the same people who complained about the draught in the summer, complain about it’s solution in the spring. Irony.

I’ve been studying through the Gospel of John and am currently wrapping up the section of Jesus’ trial. From chapter 18:28-19:16, Jesus stands between Pilate, the Roman governor, and the chief priests, the religious leaders of the day. Irony drips from those verses. The religious leaders refuse to enter Pilate’s house because he’s a Gentile and doing so would defile them and keep them from the Passover meal, yet they willingly bring Jesus out to murder Him. Later, when Pilate presents Jesus as their King, they blaspheme and say that their only king is Caesar. The ones who claimed to have religion really weren’t religious at all.

But the irony continues. Pilate is a man of power. He even tells Jesus so (19:10). But he has, in fact, no power at all over the situation. He can’t calm the Jews down and he can’t even outwit his prisoner. Jesus exposes Pilate’s helplessness in 19:11. The man who was supposed to have the most power was really powerless in reality.

But over and against this stands Jesus, who is truly “religious” (see James 1:26-27) and is honoring God through His actions and speech. He is also the one who is totally in power and in supreme control over the situation. Jesus exposes his captors’ and accusers’ hypocrisy by just standing there.

So what does that have to do with the weather? Give a person enough time and he will contradict himself. Someone can complain about storms and rain in the spring and then 4 months down the road turn and complain about the lack thereof in the summer. It’s an ironic contradiction. Perhaps we throw around religion like talk of the weather. We go to church, use pious language, occassionally do a kind act, but are we really “religious”? Are we anything like Jesus? Examine yourself and your motives. Is your faith in a truly powerful God genuine or just a mask?…kind of like your critiques of the weather, you claim that you miss the rain, but as soon as it comes you suddenly miss the sun.

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