Raptured Respect

So a really old guy named Harold Camping (who’s probably older than Ralph Nader,if that’s possible) is proclaiming that May 21st (tomorrow as of this posting) will be the rapture of Christians and judgment day will soon follow.

Needless to say I don’t believe this guy. I already have doubts about the rapture as it’s commonly conceived in the church, but this guy takes it to an extreme level. He ignores the Bible and relies on mathematics and human brain-power to come up with a date, not God’s actual words. Yet, to give credit where credit is due, at least he’s telling other people about it in hopes that they repent…

Of course, no one outside of his sect believe him. He and his followers have become a laughstock to the entire world, Christians and non alike. Jokes overflow on facebook and twitter. Meteorologists are putting out weather forecasts to mock the man and his group. “Businesses” are cropping up to cash in on these willing dupes.

Now, like I said, I don’t agree with this guy at all. But there’s something about all this joking that makes me cringe. It’s not that I think the jokes are sinful or sacrilegious, it’s the attitude behind the jokes. It reminds me of the night I graduated from high school (appropriate since i just graduated from college). I went to a really smart party at a friend’s house. Everyone was dancing around in celebration. Most of the guys were smoking pipes and cigars. And everyone cheered along as the Boys Like Girls song “Great Escape” played. I had nothing against the smoking, dancing, or cheering, but I recognized that it was all stemming from this rebellion we had kept pent up inside for the past 4+ years.

That’s what kinda unsettles me with all these “rapture parties” and jokes. I’m fine with the jokes, but can’t you hear the world mocking Christianity in a roundabout way? Yes, the mocking for the rapture is deserved, but it’s like all that rebellion that is pent up inside is finding itself a voice and isn’t just mocking Harold Camping, but all Christians and our God. Maybe I’m reading too deep. But friends, we live in a world that shrieks in delight when an opportunity comes to poke fun at our Maker,like little kids who enjoy caricaturing a scary neighbor when he’s out of sight and sound. So check your heart, and be careful how far you go and laugh.

[Side note: As stupid as Harold Camping is, shouldn’t there be at least some level of respect for him? I mean, we don’t spend time making a daily mockery of Islam or Buddhism or any other religion, but this is fine? Ironic? Hypocritical?]

3 thoughts on “Raptured Respect

  1. He’s not telling it in order that people repent, he’s telling it so that people believe in him to be saved. On his website, it seriously says that you have to believe in his prediction in order to be saved. It’s completely a false gospel.

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