We Still Like Gladiators

Gladiators, in all their violent, gory glory, used to entertain the Roman Empire. I for one, as a Christian, am personally glad they eventually quit that practice. But does the spirit of the gladiator live on? I’ve pondered this before when it comes to over-the-top violent movies and the idea of the colisseum. But this past Sunday night I came across another area of “violence” that is probably more akin to gladiators.

TNA. Total Non-stop Action. It’s a professional wrestling organization that doesn’t really live up to its name. Nevertheless, this past Sunday night I went to the TNA event here in Cincinnati. It was one of the funniest, saddest, hokiest things I’d ever experienced. I could basically sum the night up as fake wrestling and fake women. But i could expound by noting that pro wrestling is a lot like jr high school: lots of stupid drama and people jumping each other. There was also alot of subtle racism (but hey, we were being patriotic for the USA).

But one thing i realized that night was that we were all dumbly cheering for these wrestlers just like the ancient Romans must’ve done for their gladiators. Sure, no one really got hurt that night, but, for the life of everyone in that crowd, we were cheering wildly for more violence, more carnage, more bloodshed, even if it was all fake.

So what gives? What is this violent blood-lust that seems to be inherent to every generation? What does it point to? I don’t necessarily have specific answers for this, but I want to give you something to chew on. Why does our fallen nature want to see pointless violence played out on other people? Thoughts?


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