Tomorrow’s Song

here’s my take on Jon Foreman’s (of Switchfoot fame) songwriting contest thing from twitter. Explanation/background of the song below…enjoy.

Tomorrow’s Song
Ecclesiastes 12:1-8
Words: John Underdown

V1- Got a burr ‘neath my saddle, got a rock in my shoe.
Can’t wait to leave this town for where skies are blue.
I’ve been waiting so long to grow up tall,
But these walls around my life refuse to fall..

Chorus- Tomorrow! I’ll give it one more day.
Before I collapse and fade away.
Tomorrow! Can’t quit too soon.
One of these days I’m gonna reach the moon…tomorrow.

V2-Got a fire in my drawers, got ice down my back.
But once I start running I have an asthma attack.
It’s like waiting in line for customer service,
Been pretty patient, don’t think I deserve this…


Bridge-Haste is the tune of our fallen race,
It hurries people on at a sick’ning pace.
So don’t be too hasty in throwing Now behind,
Life is really lived in the daily grind…till—Chorus


With the concept of a “Tomorrow’s Song”, I figured the other writers would go for some hopeful longing for “tomorrow,” which is fine, but i revel in being different. So I thought of where I’m at now: a young man, fresh out of college eager to start a career in music and writing and currently going nowhere but the Wendy’s down the road. It’s very frustrating for me and it’s easy to long for “tomorrow” when everything will change.

So that’s where this song began, i decided to treat it sort of tongue-in-cheek and turn it around to note that i’ve already done alot with my past and could still do more in the present. Then I looked at Ecclesiastes 12:1-8, which advises against wishing away life and “growing up too soon.” With that I reworked the bridge and made it fit in with that theme. Well, that’s that. Let’s hope it’s a winner…


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