WikiLeaks Conspiracy

WikiLeaks has been causing controversy over the past few months thanks to its belief that people should know all the dirty secrets of the government reguardless of worldwide ramifications…including World War 3. This post isn’t necessarily to discuss whether or not what they’re doing is right, but whether or not what they’re doing is fishy.

I have a conspiracy. It began a couple weeks ago when the tsunami hit Japan and the nuclear reactors started shutting down. One day I got on twitter and on the home page where they feature “top tweets” and saw one from WikiLeaks claiming that they had a document showcasing that the guy in charge of one of the plants fibbed on a report or something like that. It struck me as ironic. Now they bring that out? They just happened to have that file handy?

Call me crazy (i won’t be offended), but I think WikiLeaks is trying to take over the world. They’re causing all these wars in the Middle East, they’re upsetting the nations, they’re raising gas prices, they’re killing narwhals! And why are they doing this? To break every culture down so they can rise to power and declare themselves kings! or something. We’re just putty in their hands, believing every word they print. They’ll probably shut down this blog after I post this! In fact, i bet they’re the ones who’ve been hacking into WordPress lately. They know I’m on to them and they’re striking quick and hard to shut me up. But ha! my blog is puny and no one reads it! So they can’t find me!

What’s the point? Here’s the point: there is no point. I guess the moral of today’s post is don’t believe every word you hear or read, because they’re probably lying to you in some elaborate scheme to take over the world…i bet it’s what they do every night.


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