Death’s Victory Is Brief

here’s a poem i wrote for my dad’s funeral. may it encourage and comfort you…

Death’s Victory Is Brief
By John Underdown

The way of the cross is never easy, You said,
The best life is not now but yet to come.
The seed shall not sprout until it is dead.
The pilgrim shan’t rest until he is home. 

Life’s battle is long, yet Death’s victory is brief,
Robbed by You, Lord, at the coming of dawn.
So after a saint’s pain, follows great relief,
And sorrows and troubles will be mem’ries soon gone. 

Now take this dear one in gentlest sleep,
To Your throne’s side where sin is not seen.
And lead him in safety as an innocent sheep,
To graze out in pastures of emerald green. 

Yet we here below continue to mourn,
As we grieve for our loss at Death’s cold hand.
But hope still remains and Life be reborn,
When on the day of rising together we’ll stand.


10 thoughts on “Death’s Victory Is Brief

  1. John, I just found your blog! That was a beautiful poem! I hope you’re doing all right. Sure miss you a lot. Maybe sometime I can come out to KY again, or you can finally make that trip out here to KC, lol. Anyway, thinking about you, and praying for your family, and hope to see you soon!


    1. LEW! bout dang time. lol. yes,hopefully i can make a trip out yonder…maybe this summer i can finally get around to that. we’ll see. thanks for the prayers.

      ah, and Brennan, thank you for the comment. sorry for the delay in response. i can be horrible in replies.

    1. lol heck yez! i can grill him to make sure he’s the right one. i’ll ask him all these questions about kids and what farm he’s going to live on and all these other good questions..

  2. lol, yeah, definitely need your opinion. 😉 Seriously, though, I do miss you, and am praying for you still, and would really like to see you sometime soon! BTW, I leave for Israel tomorrow. Super pumped!!!!! 🙂

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