From Innocence to Adulthood

Time moves quickly. When you get technical and confusing, the only truly present moment is this present second (a present minute always has more seconds to go or so on). Consider how short a second is and you get this sickening glance at how fast your life is ticking away into the past and how […]

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Death’s Victory Is Brief

here’s a poem i wrote for my dad’s funeral. may it encourage and comfort you… Death’s Victory Is Brief By John Underdown 1-24-11  The way of the cross is never easy, You said, The best life is not now but yet to come. The seed shall not sprout until it is dead. The pilgrim shan’t […]

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The Just Shall Live By Faith

The just shall live by faith… In “Reformed” circles, this phrase is thrown around so often I think no one knows what it means. I used to think that it simply advocated salvation by faith alone, as Martin Luther promoted it. But in its original context of Habakkuk 2, it takes on a semi-different level […]

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