Man of the Year

I seriously don’t understand it. The issue is as confusing to me as why they won’t put the original Power Rangers on DVD. For the past couple of months, literally hundreds (not thousands) of people have found my blog because of one man. I called him my “good friend” in a post last year, and he has proven himself by drawing a good number of Google searchers.

I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that my blog gets more traffic from this silly man than all the other serious stuff here or the fact that people are actually searching for him on Google. I think it cuts both way. I have a strange obsession with his smiling face that makes me giggle like a little girl and apparently so do countless others who continue to find my blog through him.

Since he drew more traffic last year than anything else, he is the “man of the year” for 2010. Forget Obama, or Assange, or Richard Simmons or anyone else, here’s to the true man of the year:

Mr Emmitt Nervend.


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