Boundaries in Art

A few¬†months ago I visited a local art musuem (largely because it was free). Although there were a lot of classic works there, near the front lobby was a small section of “modern” pictures and paintings. One of these pictures showed the small of someone’s back, his/her buttocks, and the top part of his/her thighs. … More Boundaries in Art

Man of the Year

I seriously don’t understand it. The issue is as confusing to me as why they won’t put the original Power Rangers on DVD. For the past couple of months, literally hundreds (not thousands) of people have found my blog because of one man. I called him my “good friend” in a post last year, and … More Man of the Year

Reflections on 2’10

Yes, it’s time again for me to write to all 2 of you to let you know how my year went…because you really wanted to know. But first, an overall review/conclusion of 2010…disappointing. I figured this would be a special year, but not for the reasons that it became. I had great, vague expectations for … More Reflections on 2’10