Workin’ for the Man

Over the past month I’ve been looking for a job. Now all 2 of you may be wondering what happened to Wendy’s? Well, to be honest, i decided it was time to move on. So i spent roughly a month in futility, languishing away with little money and desperately praying for a job. Of all places […]

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Lost the Plot

I’m not a huge fan of newsboys (i think they fell off track with all those praise albums) but some of their early stuff is dang convicting. Here’s a song that I need right now:

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Winter Love (A Reposting)

What you are about to read (or “see” depending on if you believe in reading or not) is what I consider a “classic” blog post from my first blog at I wrote it 2 Decembers ago when I noticed something and started theorizing. I did add some material to it to tweak my theory last […]

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