God and Starships

“What does God need with a starship?”

It’s probably one of the cornyess lines to ever grace a movie screen, and yet it’s probably one of the most poignant. It’s asked by a certain Captain Kirk (played by William Shatner) in Star Trek V to an alien entity posing as God. This “god” wants Kirk’s starship (the famous “Enterprise”) in order to connect with it and spread his message all through-out the universe. That question was a very crucial question to that scene, and, believe it or not, it’s a crucial question to your life.

After all, what does God need with a starship? The question points in an obvious direction–how can God be God if He needs a starship to ferry Him places? Wouldn’t that make Him…not God since He wouldn’t be all-powerful? Well yes. So the answer is, God doesn’t need a starship. To this you wonder, “so what?” and “why am I still reading this?”

Here’s the point: if God doesn’t need a starship, does He need us? No. God doesn’t need us because if God needed us He would be contingent on us and so He wouldn’t be the high and lofty God that we Christians worship. But we avoid this logical conclusion for the sake of feeling needed. We act as if God, or anyone for that matter, could only love us if they need us, yet God doesn’t need us. Need proof? Isaiah 40:10-26; Psalm 50; Job 38-41; and John 5:36-47 just to name a few Bible passages..

Before you get too depressed, I’ll quickly answer the obvious follow-up question: Why? If God doesn’t need us, then why create us? Is it simply to worship Him for eternity? That may be part of it, but as that John 5 passage shows, Jesus doesn’t need the testimony of men to prove who He is. I think the answer is simply this: Even though God doesn’t need us, yet He chose to create us because…He wants us…

Can you believe that? God doesn’t need a dinky, little starship, and yet He chooses, out of love, to use said ship. He doesn’t need us to worship Him, still He gave us life to expose us to His radiant love and experience what true joy is all about. Psalm 50 and Isaiah 40 get at this when, in the midst of the revelation of God’s greatness, He still has concern for His chosen people.

Get out of your head the thought that love is simply needing somebody and let in the idea that love is primarily wanting somebody. And God wants us. This is superior to the postmodern, wimpy God who needs our offerings and gifts. What a prideful notion! As if we have the best presents in the universe to offer the King of the universe. But again, He wants us. And He wants us so bad, He sent Jesus to die and rise for us so we could be with Him forever and offer Him worship that, though He may not need it, He will accept it because He loves us.

What does God need with a starship? technically, nothing. But in the grand scheme of things, He’ll use it for His glory and allow us to ride along.


One thought on “God and Starships

  1. Good thoughts John. I just got done reading “God’s Greater Glory” by Bruce Ware. He gives a lot of pages to the doctrine of God’s Self-sufficiency. You should check it out if you got the time.

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