Buy This Book!

Before I sit down to work on a new short story, I will break to promote a new book that just came out….no, I didn’t write it unfortunately. However, a good friend of mine, and fellow high school graduate whom I nearly crippled for life at our dress rehearsal for graduation, shot pictures for this cookbook that covers the history of some bakery I had never heard of…So why am I plugging it? Because my friend had a part in it and I want to support her. It’s what friends do I think. At any rate, I’d hope that my friends would do the same if I just published a book (which hopefully may come soon)…not that I’m doing this so she reciprocates the deed if/when I’m published…but anyways, my motives are pure and I really do want to help my friend out! (stop digging now) Besides if you like food, this has recipes in it. Anyways, here’s a link to buy the book on Amazon: 

As for things in my writing world, I’m working on several projects (which probably isn’t wise…but I’m ADD when it comes to writing). As for this blog, I may have a new post in the pipeline that should be out this week sometime…so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Buy This Book!

  1. Aw, thanks, John! I appreciate it! 🙂 And, for the record, if/when you do have a book that’s coming out, I’d blog about it. Er… maybe facebook it. Not many people read my blog. lol

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