I was thinking tonight about the beginning of the semester. I remember making my triumphant return to Boyce along with everyone else. We all had high hopes, great expectations, bright eyes, wide smiles, and hopeful hearts. In the matter of months, everything’s turned. The world has come undone.

I’m not just talking about myself, I’m also talking about other guys I know living in the dorms. It’s weird, you think your own personal problem is a big deal and then you run into a friend who’s also coping with some huge trial. Sometimes I forget that other people have hurts. We’re all “tear-stained”,so to speak. No one is immune to pain. The world is coming undone for all of us.

The point? Remember, if your life is on the downward spiral right now, that you’re not alone. This helps in a couple of ways. 1) You won’t be as prideful or arrogant. I’ve noticed that it’s easy for me to think that I have the biggest issues ever and so everyone needs to cater to my needs. Well, yes, I need help and am glad to take it and not afraid to ask for it, but if I start to demand it in a selfish way I need to remember I’m not alone in my pain. Other people are having restless nights too. We all need help and remembering this will humble us. 2) It’s a comfort. A cold comfort, but a comfort nonetheless. We can help each other; “bear one another’s burdens” as Paul commands in Galatians 6.

So keep these things in mind the next time you have a bad day (or week,or month, or year). As Red Green used to say, “Remember, I’m pulling for ya..we’re all in this together.” So let’s cry on each other’s shoulder and push each other along. We can’t run solo in this world that’s coming undone…

“This world it’s, it’s come undone. We’re spinning towards the sun and it won’t be that long till my world has gone all wrong…”-Red Shepherd

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