A Sovereign God

Why question a Sovereign God? If He’s really in control of the universe,if He really has a plan for humanity (myself included), if He is the Creator, Sustainer, and King of all there is, then why question Him?

In my current situation it’s easy to question God. I don’t doubt His sovereignty. Yes, this situation has been a painful curveball, but it hasn’t made me disbelieve God. It wouldn’t be much of a faith if I abandoned God just because He lets a little pain in my life. So I don’t doubt God–His existence, His attributes, His character, etc. But I still have questions.

But it’s absolutely, logically silly to question a Sovereign God! Yet here I am: confident that His will is right and true and this will ultimately work out for the better, but still wondering why the chips had to fall this way. Don’t bother wasting your breath with me on cliche sympathetic statements. I know em well enough. But I can’t get my head around it. I’m content with the situation, yes. I’m resting in God’s plan, yes. I know my salvation under Christ’s sacrifice holds firm, yes. Theologically, doctrinally, I know I’m correct. I’ll hold firm. It’s where the rubber meets the road that there’s a little burn.

I’m like a child squirming under the dentist’s hand as he drills and fills a cavity. I know that in reality the filling and pain is for my own good,that it will all last only a moment and soon pass, but to sit under it is a whole ‘nother matter. It calls into question reality, truth, and sanity. Now here I am experiencing the first drops of a storm that will last the night. I know this isn’t the end, I know I’ll come out allright. But to hide under the shelter of Christ in the midst of the storm, with the wind howling, the rain beating, the thunder roaring, and the lightning flashing is a whole ‘nother matter.

Yet through the din I’m checked….why question a Sovereign God?


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