There were at least 4 franchises that had a great impact on my childhood and imagination: Thomas the Tank, Batman, Pokemon, and Toy Story. That last one especially had a great impact as I began to see toys in a new light. What if they could really come to life? What if they risked all to follow me to school? what if they really had their own little community? How great would that be? My imagination couldn’t be put at ease. It kept throwing my toys into various adventures (mostly incoherent and lacking a good plot,but adventures nonetheless).

Today (Memorial Day), my oldest nephew was over and playing with some old toys of mine. A part of me writhes in agony when I watch him misuse a toy, call it by the wrong name, or find some cherished piece of my childhood broken. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not necessarily blaming him. After all, they’re not his toys and he has no sentimental attraction to ’em. But I can’t help shaking my head,wondering if this could somehow be better.

I can probably blame the Toy Story series on this (which is tearfully coming to an end this summer). Thanks to those movies, certain toys retain a special value to ’em. Maybe this was the point of the Pixar movies…to cherish our childhood and the things, and people, who made it so memorable. I may never be able to sit down with those toys and enjoy them in all the boyish tenacity that i once had..that imagination has long since died off and has been replaced by a more “mature” one.

So on this Memorial Day,which is already passing by, let us first and foremost remember and applaud those who gave so much so that we may enjoy everything, including trivialities such as toys. But let us also remember those toys that spared us a moment’s boredom and took us to creative places. Here’s to you, Woody, Buzz, and the gang!


2 thoughts on “Toys

  1. Good post. I agree in that the Pixar movies have certainly made me think hard about childhood–and watching with a joyful eye as my little ones go through the experience.

    Buzz and Woody are very popular here.

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