I have dimples. Apparently,to women, this is all the rage. It’s “cute.” (though my dimples have yet to procur a girlfriend..so I don’t think they really have that much power). But what is it with dimples, ladies? What’s the draw? So the point of this post is not so much about me expounding on some deep thought,it’s about all the women readers out there…all 3ish of you…to tell me why dimples are so…”cute.” Just leave a comment giving your oppinion…and i’m dead serious about this. I want to know why. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Dimples

  1. Why do girls find anything attractive? lol It’s all a matter of preference, John. Some girls are crazy about eyes, some like dimples and others may melt over accents. It’s not something that can be really explained. 😉

  2. I think dimples give the impression of a sweetness to someone’s personality. In Asia they are seen as a sign of good luck. Also, they stand out because most people don’t have them (esp not on both sides), so they grab attention for that reason, and if they just so happen to be on a cute face, even better.

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