Naked Desperation

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like lately in the news there has been alot of nude happenings. You can just skim Dave Barry’s blog to catch such news pieces. Topless gardener in Colorado disturbs neighbors; naked man climbs up a billboard; nude ice scultpure stirs a small town; a photographer gathers thousands of nude Australians for a group picture (it’s considered “art” of course); a number of women walk around topless for sake of trying to raise awareness for a more freer, topless society (guys would love that); some apparently famous singer walks through Dallas, Texas where JFK was shot all the while stripping off layers of clothing for a music video (passersby were unaware of what was happening–the point of the video was that she was “shedding” emotional baggage). I’m sure by tomorrow Yahoo! or some other news organization will have something about some nude person doing something while naked.

Now again, maybe it’s just me. Maybe this has been going on and I’ve never noticed it before. At any rate, what’s the point of it? Why do we all of sudden want to walk around naked? What are the implications that are coming from this? Is it just the new form of expression? Will the ACLU soon be fighting for no clothing in schools? (now there’s a gagging thought…at least private school students wouldn’t have to worry about uniforms and dress code)

Again,maybe it’s just me,but this is kinda alarming. Even some “Christians” are being sucked into this naked craze. I saw a news video of an actual nude church. No surprise, it was connected to a larger nudist organization. The pastor’s arguments for being nude? Jesus was nude at His most crucial moments! Like when He died and was resurrected (let’s overlook that to be crucified naked wasn’t exactly an honor and that immediately after the resurrection Jesus is clothed). To a point this is all humorous, but is there more that lies beyond the cultural line?

Here’s my conjectures: I think this is a new, subtle way humanity is trying to rebel against God. After the Fall in the Garden, God didn’t encourage Adam and Eve to keep running around unclothed, but killed a lamb to clothe them. Yes, this points to Jesus’ more fulfilling sacrifice on the cross, but perhaps another point could be that God wanted them to stay clothed. From Eden on out, to be found naked was a disgrace. The prophets often condemned nations (including Israel) by relating their embarrassment in judgment to being disrobed. Now it seems that people in even greater numbers are shedding their outer garments with no shame whatsoever. I mean, literally thousands of people stood shamelessly naked before an “artist’s” camera in Australia…on the steps of a national monument!

Could it be we are losing our shame of being exposed? Is this a sign of our becoming numb to sin? Are we so doused in sexual exposure that to expose ourselves isn’t that embarrassing? Are we becoming animals to our sexual pleasures in this sex-driven culture? Have we become enslaved? Are you, dear Christian, guarding yourself against this? What are you taking in? How are you breaking down? What ever happened to dignity and purity?

“Ooh,pretty kitty caught your tongue.Turned out to be a lion,a viper, a sabertooth tiger, oh no! Before you know it you got swallowed whole. Ooh, little lamb lost your way. What crawled across your grave? Have you forgot your place? Now everyone can see the look on your face.”-Neon Horse


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