Sitting in the Shadows

I want to begin by congratulating my bro and his fam as they welcome a brand-spanking new baby girl. Cigars all around! Now on to this post that I originally wrote on my other blog at ironically around the same time last year. It’s mostly in tact,save I modified it a little..Enjoy! Have you […]

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I have dimples. Apparently,to women, this is all the rage. It’s “cute.” (though my dimples have yet to procur a I don’t think they really have that much power). But what is it with dimples, ladies? What’s the draw? So the point of this post is not so much about me expounding on some […]

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Naked Desperation

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like lately in the news there has been alot of nude happenings. You can just skim Dave Barry’s blog to catch such news pieces. Topless gardener in Colorado disturbs neighbors; naked man climbs up a billboard; nude ice scultpure stirs a small town; a photographer gathers thousands of […]

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