Dinosaurs and You

Recently I read an article about how they found some new, nifty dinosaur fossil out in Utah (in fact, here’s the link: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/03/24/tech/main6327884.shtml?tag=mncol;lst;4). Anyways, what caught me about it was what one of their scientist dudes said:

“Understanding how dinosaurs lived in the past, how their environments changed and affected them, is important for understanding our changing world today, Loewen said.”

I’ve heard that jargon before, but it never stuck with me. But seeing that got me thinking. Scientists look at dinosaur fossils as a warning from the past about how we ought to improve for the future. They obviously look at it from an environmental standpoint (though how they plan on stopping another giant asteroid again is beyond me). I believe it would be wiser to consider a different warning that emerges from these fossils..

I’m a creationist and so I believe in Noah’s Global Flood. I also believe that during this flood creatures were trapped under sand deposits and whatnot (or whatever the technical definition is) and eventually rotted away into fossils. So what can this past event tell us about the future? First consider what Noah’s flood was: God’s judgment on the earth for all the immorality present. Now consider that God has promised to judge this earth again in the future. So where do the dinosaurs come in? Well, they are, in a roundabout way, a monument, a sign, a warning to us that God has judged the earth and will do so again. These crusty, old fossils remind us that while God is very loving, He is also very holy and therefore demands justice. The earth must be judged again for so many reject God and try to put Him out of their minds.

So while fossils may be fascinating to gaze at in a museum, the reality about them is pretty grim. But thank God that it doesn’t stop there. Just as Noah built an ark to save those who would look foolish enough to walk inside a really big boat, so God has provided us with His Son to save all who would look foolish enough to believe in a crucified and resurrected Messiah and be filled with His Spirit. We don’t have to wind up like the dry dinosaur bones out in the desert, we can live forever in the presence of God drinking deeply from the river of life. We can avoid future judgment on our sin. God has provided an ark, the Way…where will you stand?

For more about the creationist view, visit: http://www.answersingenesis.org/ (and I don’t even work for them, how about that!)


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