A Change of Name and Scenery

Name changes in the Bible typically represented a crucial turningpoint in a person’s life (like Abraham or Paul). Today, name changes usually signify a loss of sanity (like Chad Ochocinco). I’ve decided to change the name of this blog into something wittier and catchier…and it certainly falls into the latter category.

You see, most of my friends are Christians and are cool and postmodern and sophisticated and run blogs too. But their blog names are something significant like “Running to the Cross” or “Satan is a Nerd” or some Greek word no one in America today can pronounce. The name usually defines the blog and how it should be referred to or perceived or read…

I’ve obviously went against this notion and settled with “Huggbees!” Why? It’s from Freakazoid and it’s fun to say. No joke, I kept saying it below my breath as I spiffied this page up. Go ahead and say it…”Huggggbeeessss!!” It’s great fun for you and your family! So what does the name signify? Nothing…absolutely nothing. I realize this may seem nihilistic and postmodern, but it’s really just a funny name and I like it and this is my blog so I can cry if I want to..and you can go suck a lemon if you’re so upset!

I also changed the theme..I wanted something more “fun” for the Huggbees! (Huggggbeeeeeess!!) title and this was the best I could find…okay there were others, but flowers were in the design somewhere and i just won’t tolerate that.

In unrelated news (in case you’re still reading)..I’m in a songwriting competition and in desperate need of votes. So if you could pop on over to that site and register to vote, I’d love you til the day you die.Thanks!



3 thoughts on “A Change of Name and Scenery

  1. I like the new look. It’s nice… kind of feels like a low key spring day. And your new name is awesome. lol Freakazoid… I only remember part of the song.

  2. glad you like the change. We will have to remedy your freakazoid malnutrition. I’m getting the entire series for my birthday so when that comes we’ll meet up with Lizz,Matt,and Rosa and get “freaked out.”

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