Birthdays and Me

It all started in kindergarten. I was at a small private school where the tradition was that on your birthday you would have to receive honorary “birthday spankings” from the principal (this was back before the term “child abuse” had been invented). Well my birthday rolled around and sure as electricity and water don’t mix, the … More Birthdays and Me

Dinosaurs and You

Recently I read an article about how they found some new, nifty dinosaur fossil out in Utah (in fact, here’s the link:;lst;4). Anyways, what caught me about it was what one of their scientist dudes said: “Understanding how dinosaurs lived in the past, how their environments changed and affected them, is important for understanding … More Dinosaurs and You

Prince Caspian

You may or may not know this, but the next Chronicles of Narnia movie is coming out in December (I think). There was a Christianity Today article on it a week or two ago that I read. It seems perty exciting. But that’s beside the point. The thrust of this post rests on the last movie, … More Prince Caspian

Both Ways, Miserable

“And sometimes working within me You open for me a door into a state of feeling which is quite unlike anything to which I am used–a kind of sweet delight which,if I could only remain permanently in that state, would be something not of this world,not of this life. But my sad weight makes me … More Both Ways, Miserable