My Good Friend Emmitt Nervend

Since the “Wendy’s Devotions” blogs were so popular, I figured I’d continue it…PSYCHE! However, if another highly spiritual thought comes to mind while at Wendy’s, I’ll be sure to post it here…but now, on to the real post!

I’ll go a little lighter on this post because I’d like to think that I’m better at writing humor than serious stuff…plus it’s past midnight and I’d rather make this quick and painless…and because the original serious post I was going to write just wasn’t clicking..and because it’s good to smile every once in a while,right?

So if you talk to me for any amount of time, I will probably bring up or reference the classic cartoon “Freakazoid.” It was a short-lived Stephen Spielberg production back in the 90’s in the same vein as Animaniacs, only it never got that popular because most of its intended audience (kids) didn’t understand the show…ah well, we all laugh at it now. One of the principle characters of the show is the silent Emmitt Nervend. He just pops up at random and never says anything. One scene may find him at a dance for Daylight Savings Time, another may find him pulling a lever that zaps monsters, and still another might find him as a salty dance hall chanteuse on an airplane.

One thing that never fails with Emmitt is that he’s always smiling. And looking at him makes you smile…or turn away screaming in horror..but at least that makes everyone else smile. Personally, I laugh out loud (literally) sometimes when I see a picture of Mr. Nervend. And so, I printed out a wallet-sized picture of him and taped it to the dashboard of my car…that way if I ever hop in while in a bad mood, say after a shift at Wendy’s (there, I mentioned Wendy’s!), I can look at Emmitt and smile. So now, without further ado, Mr. Emmitt Nervend:


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