My Good Friend Emmitt Nervend

Since the “Wendy’s Devotions” blogs were so popular, I figured I’d continue it…PSYCHE! However, if another highly spiritual thought comes to mind while at Wendy’s, I’ll be sure to post it here…but now, on to the real post! I’ll go a little lighter on this post because I’d like to think that I’m better at […]

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Mercy, Grace, and Being Re-hired

Here’s the final part of the “Wendy’s Devotions”..enjoy! My general manager has a knack for re-hiring people he’s fired or who have walked out. Usually I (and the crew) am generally glad with the employee’s firing or walking out. But then the GM goes and re-hires ’em. What gives? It’s taken me almost 2 years […]

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Mean and Not Heard

I will now continue with my “Wendy’s Devotions” series. In part 1 I compared works-righteousness with closing the dining room perfectly…it’s just not for part 2. This one’ll be harder to write because I’m more directly involved..but ah well,now for it! Toward the end of summer a couple of new managers were brought in […]

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