My Hiding Place

“Lying awake in bed,worried thoughts run through my head/each and every new day I do dread/Workload all around, bringing me down/Face-down,buried in the ground.”

A lot has been happening lately. Work’s been busy and hectic. I’m finally starting my first (and hopefully only) online semester..and I’m already inundated. My mind has been churning lately;songs,stories,theories,thoughts,emotions, spiritual things, etc. (I blame Augustine for this). Right now I’m perfectly filled to the brim.

At the beginning of last week, this filling almost tipped me over. Almost drowned me (shush,i’m from kentucky). What happened was syllabus shock from my Boyce classes (I’m taking 2 from Boyce and 2 from a program called Seminary Extension). All the reading assignments and whatnot, coupled with a long week ahead at work, nearly made my mind buckle. I think this was all on Monday..but Monday night,things changed.

I was sitting in my room fretting about all this when the Spirit brought to mind a song I had written during my sophomore year of high school(how ironic that I need it for my sophomore year of college). It’s called “My Hiding Place” (when I finish the music on’ll be good..just saying). I wrote it for basically the same circumstances. If i remember correctly, it was on the heels of the new school year. At my high school,the sophomore year was considered the hardest year of school (thanks to tediously dissecting the book of James and taking geometry with a man that could make your soul shiver). On the eve of it, I was rather foolishly afraid. I needed to express that and so came the song (the first verse opened this post).

Simply remembering the title was a comfort. To remember that no matter what, I can hide beneath the shadow of God’s wings is truly amazing and comforting. It brings to mind peaceful moments I’ve experienced. It slows my heart’s pace. It’s the shelter in the storm. I have nothing to fear. Sure,the homework doesn’t vanish (unfortunately), but to have a refuge,or retreat, to escape to is all I need. A place to stop and rest awhile. I may not find that place in a physical sense, but I will always find it in a spiritual sense:in God’s presence.

Psalm 32:7-
You are my hiding place;
       you will protect me from trouble
       and surround me with songs of deliverance.

P.S.-I would like to apologize for using so many parantheses.

P.P.S.-To let you in on possible future posts,here’s some titles:
“Saved By Works?”, “Mean and Not Heard,” …and i’m blanking.ah well.


2 thoughts on “My Hiding Place

  1. “…and taking geometry with a man that could make your soul shiver).”

    LOL. Oh my…

    Anyway, I hope you get the hang of the classes & work deal. It sounds like a definite change and really something you have to balance well to get it to work without losing your mind. lol You’ll get there, though.

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