My Hiding Place

“Lying awake in bed,worried thoughts run through my head/each and every new day I do dread/Workload all around, bringing me down/Face-down,buried in the ground.” A lot has been happening lately. Work’s been busy and hectic. I’m finally starting my first (and hopefully only) online semester..and I’m already inundated. My mind has been churning lately;songs,stories,theories,thoughts,emotions, spiritual … More My Hiding Place

The Whole World

Earthquake in Haiti..possibly 100,000 dead… A drunk minister driving a semi crosses the line and kills a man… Abortions.. Murder… Suicide.. Bombs..wars..death. “Our world is going down like a bottlerocket flies to its death,and I can’t help but think that I might barely make it to my last breath..”-Grammatrain Today at work I was talking … More The Whole World

White Death!

Here in Northern KY, white death is upon us! A great winter storm of titanic proportions has invaded and all shall perish in snowy pestilence! This usually happens once a year. Whenever it does happen, local news stations go hay-wire trying to cover the event. I will now spend the next few minutes (or hour) … More White Death!